used Japanese truck in Zimbabwe.

When I went to developing countries in Africa such as Tanzania, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Egypt, etc., I was surprised that the road was full of Japanese cars. For example, taxis, trucks, buses, motor bikes, regular cars, and so on. The cars were mostly Mitsubishi, Honda, Toyota and Nissan. When I asked my African friend why many people are using Japanese used cars, she answered it is because Japanese cars are efficient and rarely breaks down. I was very impressed because I knew that Japanese vehicles are very sophisticated, but never knew that it is this popular as far as it was running everywhere in very far away continent. One of my favorite experience was riding on the Japanese used truck in Zimbabwe. In this country, it is common to see Japanese used trucks utilized as a kind of bus. The passengers ride on the back side of the truck. It was a totally new experience for me to ride on the tuck bed really packed. At first, it felt very uncomfortable, but everyone was very friendly as they started talking to me. At the time when I had to get off the truck, we were singing and laughing. I am very glad and pleased that Japanese used trucks are used in such way.

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